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Can’t Keep Quiet!!!

Okay you all I just can’t keep quiet about this!!! I’m am so thrilled. So I’ve struggled with my weight for many years. After having twins and then very shortly after having another baby it’s been a struggle to find time to exercise or frankly even care to.

However, in 2017 I made it a priority but I noticed even with changing my diet and exercising at least 30-45 minutes 4times a week it wasn’t working. After a year of making adjustments I went to my doctor frustrated and asked for help. She put me on a weight loss pill and it did help. I lost 35 pounds over a course of a year but had to deal with a high blood pressure issues, low blood pressure and drawing blood to make sure my liver was fine.

So I stopped and wished for a new plan. I kept exercising and didn’t gain weight back but cai was not losing and then in road My friend Kim and ItWorks!! You guys I’ve been solidly doing the Keto Coffee, Chocolate greens and Thermofight X now for a month and have lost 18 pounds!!! That’s after having to reduce my exercise too because of some asthma issues!!

I’m over the moon happy and want to share it with everyone. This stuff works!! Yes, you need to reduce your calories. Yes, exercising will help you lose more and there will probably be people it won’t work on but this these are all natural supplements that I can take and not worry about. I like that. I wake up in the morning and take them. They give me energy for the day, confidence that I’m doing some healthy for me and that’s half the battle right there.

Everybody’s journey is different and this is mine. I certainly hope I can help a few others along the way to!! Have a great day everyone!!! 😊

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