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A Full Set

Our home has never been quiet. If it is was I think I might have a panic attack (not a joke) I’m from a VERY loud family. Mike of course would love a little less noise, he being from a VERY quiet family, we will meet in the middle some day (LOL).

Anyway, as I have mentioned before we have three little girls left at home and these three are quite the trio. We are never left with a shortage of quick witted comments, usually from Kayla, and rolling eyeballs (Bethany) to booty shaking (Reagan). And plenty of giggles and laughter all the time. Yes, plenty of girl screams too when they steal each other’s toys or figure out that someone has the others favorite shirt but mostly it’s good clean fun and it’s always going. I’m amazed at these girls just have so much wit and humor to them! I’m not sure were they got it. I’m not nearly that funny and Mike can be at times (LOL) just kidding he is pretty funny but man these girls are always going. It’s like having a comedy troupe in the house.

When the teenage years arrive I fully fear that my husband will have armed guards and a moat surrounding our home to protect our beautiful and outgoing daughters from the boys of the town! Life is always full and fun but never dull and I love it. 🥰

Happy Saturday All!!!

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