I’m new to selling DoTerra essential oils, however, I’ve been a user of oils for years. When I worked as a Labor & Delivery nurse I was amazed at how we used oils to help our women in delivery and even in recovery.

Lavender was used to help relax women in labor and in many cases I saw it used in a baths that not only helped relax them but get them from 5 centimeters to 10 centimeters in no time! It was amazing.

Spearmint and/or Peppermint was also a standard in the office for us nurses. It was great in the middle of night to put in our water to help wake us up and get us through our last few hours before the day shift nurses arrived.

Many more examples I could give but I think you get the picture. As I learn more about these amazing products I will be sure to blog about them so you can learn too!

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