Be Somebody

My daughters love the movie Leap! (2016). It's an animated movie about an orphan girl named, Felicie, who dreams of escaping the orphanage and becoming a ballerina in the big city of Paris. The movie moves at such a brisk pace she and her best-friend Victor within the first 10 minutes succeed in escaping. Both… Continue reading Be Somebody

41 Years Blessed

41 years ago today two crazy people walked down the isle and said "I Do!" and I'm so thankful they did or else I wouldn't be here! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! Thank you for being the great examples you are and may you have many more blessed years to come!!!! Love you!    

Mr. Mom

At some point in your lives I'm sure you've heard the expression "Sticks out like a sore thumb." That totally describes my poor husband. He lives in a household dominated by women. Our cat is even a girl. Which is pretty hysterical considering he grew up in a house that was dominated by boys. Talk… Continue reading Mr. Mom