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Fitness For God

When I started Steeley Grace back in April of 2018; posting silly stories of recent events, work hilariousness both past and present and even my occasional opinions of political….um, well I’ll just stop that thought. I never imagined anything beyond that.

It just shows that God always has other plans. Late last year and into this year God has been laying it in on my heart to really focus on fitness and the overall health of my mind and body. I have to admit I need work but I know I’m not the only one and my whole purpose in this life is to help and serve others.

So with that in my mind I’ve been scouring pages and social media sites for recipes, ideas and encouragement to help people find the motivation to get fit. Fitness for the body doesn’t mean thin. It means healthy and it looks different on everyone.

Today, I discovered a site that has been working on fitness and motivation with a Godly view for years and I just about cried. It’s awesome to know that there is other support out there and that I’m on the right track. God gave us these bodies to take care of and worship him with. Shouldn’t we take care of them so we can worship him with all we have for as long as we can?

So follow along as I add in this piece too!

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