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On The Rise

In our allergy office we see quite a few kids for asthma and allergies. We would love to be just a pediatric allergy/asthma office but the population base just isn’t there yet.

It’s always a fun time when the little ones come in. Most with smiles on their faces. Some a little wary at just what the heck we might but it’s usually a good time. A few tears but promises of suckers and stickers make it all better.

The last couple weeks have brought in several more kids than usual from the outlying areas and these children are breaking my heart. They are sweet kids but they have seen and been apart of situations that I kid should ever have to face and it seems the incidence of these cases is steadily rising. The neglect, abuse or just outright abandonment of children. No one deserves that, especially a child.

So I’m asking all of you to please, if you think that a child or even an adult is suffering under the hands of neglect or abuse call your local enforcement departments. Don’t be a passive observer. Be a hero even if they never know you helped.

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