More or Less

In this day and age of electronics do you belong to the more is good or less crowd? I have friends who sit on both sides of this fence and both sides have valid points.

Too much stimulation or not enough stimulation, off the grid, but too far and it’s dangerous. I’m sure there is a balance to be found between the two I’m just not sure where it is.

I myself lean towards too much. I have an iPhone, Apple Watch and IPad that all communicate with each other so if one is lost I still have backups. Not to say I can’t unplug, I can, but more than 10 days I start to wonder what’s going on the world. See? I have to be a part of the know! In a way it’s good but then there’s a downside. It’s enough to make you just a little bit nuts!!! (Okay I might already be just a little nuts but I blame my kids, lol 😂)

Anyway, I’m curious where most people stand. I’m thinking smack in the middle of too much technology but I could be wrong.

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