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Phone Confessions

In my life prior to nursing I did have several cool jobs. Laser port was the first and definitely the funnest. Who doesn’t want to go into a farm, smoke filled room and shoot your friends and family with laser guns? Yeah, it was a hit.

One of my most memorable jobs though was working at ISky. I worked on the BMW account. Basically, we called and asked customers if they were satisfied with their service in their vehicle or happy with the purchase experience. I’m sure you can imagine that it wasn’t always fun talking to rich snobby people but occasionally it had you laughing at loud at the insanity.

For example, one lady was so unhappy about her car she drove it in to the river and called the dealership to come get it! (No joke)

I had an office assistant who answered for her boss once and said it might be awhile because his wife just walked in on him with a junior partner. Wow!

I had people tell me about putting baby powder in their vents to get rid of the fish smell (?) and then shocker getting it all in their face when the air conditioner came on. (Yes, they really were surprised by this)

And there was so much more!!! I can’t help but laugh at these things again and again. People say the most interesting things on the phone and to strangers!! Hope this gave you a chuckle! Have a great day 😊

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