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When Your Soap Box Crumbles

We all take a stand for something. Things in our lives that we feel are important enough to draw a lone in the sand and say that’s enough. We won’t back down and that’s it.

Just about everyone I work with has picked a side when it comes to the COVID vaccine. Many more have chosen to get it rather than not but the few who have not gotten the vaccine can be very vocal as to why they haven’t. Which is fine but their arguments haven’t been based on any of the science of the vaccines. It’s all dealing with politics or it’s my body. Again I get, but if you want to take a stand at least back it up with research.

Once if the most vocal people I know about not getting vaccinated recently contracted the delta variant. A healthy individual who felt that all this worry and fear was nothing more than overblown “poppycock”. The list of all of this persons complaints with all that is going on is long and it was spouted it often.

Wonder where this individual is now? The hospital, hanging on for dear life. That soap box once so proudly stood on, crumpled and laying beside the bed and the list once so long is getting shorter now too.

Vaccines save lives! Are they perfect, no but I would rather arm my friends, family and patients with the best fighting chance they can have and that’s with vaccines.

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