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Blonde Moment

There are those moments in life where you look back and just wish you could either sink into the floor or stop yourself from doing what you did. That was me yesterday. I woke up an hour past my alarm (so no workout, eeh) took my shower and swore that I was wide awake. (Yeah right)

I marched down our stairs to take my morning pills and instead took my night night see ya later pills. As soon as I swallowed them I went into panic mode. Not really anything I could do (so not throwing up, gross) except chug a lot of water and coffee. Which I did all day. Did not stop me from yawning way too often, mispronouncing my name (yeah that’s right my own name, geez!), forgot which school my girls where going to and telling my doctor if I feel asleep he could stab me with adrenaline. He was way too happy with that prospect by the way.

Needless to say I feel asleep way too easy last night but thankfully today is a new day. I rearranged my medicine cabinet so I would not repeat this hopefully ever again (but…..) and I look forward to walking back in to work and getting laughed at quite a bit today. Happy Tuesday!!!!!


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