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John Wayne

My grandpa was a fan of western movies and some of his favorite movies were John Wayne. As a matter of fact he had quite the Wayne collection of movies. Some that were rare and pretty hard to find no days. Because of his love of westerns my dad and uncle still to this day love those movies. I myself am partial to several because I watched them too when I was growing up. They had humor, drama and to my memory no language. Rare in today’s movies if you look further than family or kids movies.

Why am I posting about this? I miss grandpa today, more than usual. He was a great man. Someone once said when they made Marvin they broke they mold. That always made me smile. He was just such a family guy. Loved his kids and grand kids so much and willing to help us all the time. Not long before he passed my twins were born and he held them and you could tell his love for the girls just in how he held them. They were precious to him. Life was not the same after he passed but watching the John Wayne movies brings memories back for a little awhile. So in honor of my grandpa I found some lines and quotes that would have made him laugh.

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