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Fair Day

Every year the Deschutes County Fair opens and I can’t help but get excited!!! I’ve been going to the fair since I was a little girl and it was the highlight of my little years. I remember my whole family  getting together early Sunday morning for the Buckaroo breakfasts and we all sat around and joked and laughed and just had a great time. So getting to carry on this tradition with my children is a must.

Thankfully, my children love the fair as much as I did and gleefully look forward to this event. This year just happens to be the 99th year of the Deschutes County Fair and there where signs everywhere pointing to this monumental feat. It is pretty awesome and to celebrate it there where more rides and more animals that I could see. My kids were thoroughly happy. Three hours, Five barns, way too much food and I don’t know how many rides my kids were pooped and ready to drop. Mom and dad weren’t too far behind.

I so hoped to take the girls to the rodeo for the first time but…. next year is on the horizon and they did get to met the rodeo queen and her horse this year. So that pretty awesome. Plus next year will be the 100th year and hopefully they will have something awesome planned. Till next time Hasta Pasta!!

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