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Grillin’ King

We have a camping trip coming up in a couple weeks with my husbands entire family. We are all headed down to the Redwoods in California which is a good distance from our home. Now most families would not have any problem with this but your talking about our family. We have 3 of the PICKIEST little eaters!!! They are awful. Now I know it starts at home but trust me when I say that my husband and I are TRYING!!!!!

Reagan is going to be a vegetarian. She hates meat with a passion. She has not touched it since she was 10 months old. If you put a plate of food in front of her that she doesn’t want she will starve all night. She does not care. (Not quite sure how she got so stubborn, yeah right) So really when thinking about taking this child and 2 more, that maybe aren’t her extreme but not far off, several hours from home for days CAMPING became a little terrifying. So my husband set out to learn as many recipes he could do grilling as he could.

He has truly outdone himself. I come home to not only the regular grill foods like hamburgers, hotdogs, bratwurst, etc…. but now he is getting good. He has learned how to cook pizza on the grill, macaroni and cheese and in the last few days he has been experimenting with desserts. He did a pear crisp, s’mores cake and last night some fruit cocktail mixture that he did. It’s all delicious and he has no recipes for any of this. It’s truly amazing but I gotta say my poor kitchen is suffering just a little. While he is becoming the grillin’ king my kitchen looks like a bomb went off. I came downstairs this morning and had to clean up just to get to the coffee pot (it could have been a disaster if not reached in time!)

At least we know the kids are going to eat good while we are camping and we won’t have any complaining about not being feed. In the meantime, I now need to teach my my grillin’ king the art of cleaning and not getting in the way of the wife’s coffee. (Hee Hee, this will be fun!!!!) Hasta Pasta!

3 thoughts on “Grillin’ King

  1. I need to send my husband to your house for tips!!! He loves to grill but is a little shy on the adventure part. Your husband could give him some confidence.

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