Take a Knee

I can’t believe it’s been two years since Colin Kaepernick took the first knee in a game to start people talking about racial injustice in the US. Well, he got his wish and a whole lot more. Two years of fighting and arguing, fines, suspensions, people tearing up their season tickets or burning them, military officials calling out the teams as unpatriotic and the list goes on. Colin himself is now a “Free Agent” but if you talk to anybody who knows sports apparently that means nobody wants to represent him and no team wants to sign him. He’s an okay player who stuck his neck out to get some attention and it burned him.

I myself feel that peaceful protesting is fine. I just don’t see why he needed to bring it to the field. I get it. There are millions of people watching the games. You literally have their undivided attention and what better way to get people asking questions than to not stand for the National Anthem. I just feel that there are better ways to call attention to social issues than disrespect the flag.

I know many people do not see it as disrespect but, I do. The flag is a national symbol of not only the states that are united as ONE nation but as a nation that has fought in many wars to continue to be its OWN Nation. Francis Scott Key penned our national anthem because he saw the US flag still flying as the morning dawned over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. There are many other times in history where our nation has fought in battle for our FREEDOM. So really when I look at the flag I see the people who fought and died to keep it flying. It’s just that simple for me.

I know other’s don’t agree and I want to hear their opinion as to why they feel it’s not disrespectful, as long as the discussion doesn’t disintegrate into name calling. I still love football, college better than NFL, but we don’t need to discuss that. GO DUCKS!!!!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Take a Knee

    1. If this was such a big issue to people prior to the “take the knee” crap then why wasn’t it addressed consistently prior to all this, Daniel?


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