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Role Reversal

I don’t think I ever imagined when I was little that someday I would worry about my parents. Worry about them getting older and that I might need to look out for them some day. It’s just not thoughts kids have or maybe they do and I’m just weird. My parents are both still alive and kicking,  they are still together and up until recently still in the house they have happily lived in the last 26 years.

My parents have decided they need to downsize their house and property which I get. Easier to take of and manage as they get older (they are not that old mind you both in their 60’s) anyway I get it. However, their downsizing has also meant moving to a whole new town 2-3 hours away. Farther from me, closer to my brother (no sibling rivalry there, lol) again I can totally handle that but this whole ordeal has been a disaster. They found a buyer for their house, Great!!! Wants them out in 30 DAYS!!!! Excuse me!!! You try packing up 26 years of stuff in 30 days. RIGHT!!!!! Talk about panic mode. They travel over the pass and manage to find a beautiful home in their new town (yay) put down a good faith deposit. Panic is less but still bubbling. Have an inspection on their home (they fail). Home in new town has an inspection (it fails). Let’s just say there is more than a lot of tears and panic mode is back in full. Buyer still wants house! 30 day rule still there. (GAH!) I would continue to list all the disasters that keep appearing but you would think I’m making them up (so not) and it would fill at least three pages.

So what’s my point? My parents are wonderful, sweet people and I’m worried sick about them. My knees are raw from how many times I’ve been getting down and praying that God would please open up a window somewhere for them. I know he will and they do too but in the meantime I have panic moments. These are the two people who raised me to be the loving, compassionate woman I am and I want to take care of them and make sure they are safe. I just want them to be able to move without any more chaos. I’m worried my dad is going to stress himself into a heart attack and I’m worried my mom is going to cry a lake into the back yard.  I want to swoop in and give them both bear hugs and tell them it’s going to be okay and I’ll fix it for them just like they used to for me. But I can’t and it’s killing me!!!! So until this whole mess shakes itself out I’m going to stand by and be the shoulder to cry on for my mom and the sounding board for my dad and give lots of hugs and shake my head at how the world works and the role reversals that come in life.