7 years and counting

Sunday marked mine and my husband’s 7th anniversary. Woo Hoo!!!! We were able to spend a wonderful weekend at a local hotel while my parents (God bless them) watched our little rascals. We had a blast just enjoying each other’s company. Eating out, staying in and watching a movie and just relaxing.

Now, of course, I was hoping to impart some very key wisdom as to how to make it in this world where marriage is really a dying part of society. However, my advice is really not any different than anybody else’s.

First and foremost take all your concerns to God. When I have a frustration with my husband and I just can’t shake it I get on my knees and I pray. Most of the time when I give it to God first and pray for guidance by the time I’m done praying about it my frustration is gone and I either have a way to solve it or I realize it wasn’t that big of deal. Two, don’t invite other’s into your marriage. By this I mean don’t talk about your frustrations in the marriage to your friends. I realize that they are your friends and you want their input but helpful friends can destroy relationships without meaning to. Three, NEVER compare! Your marriage is your own and trust me it’s beautiful. Who cares what else someone has. If God has written your love story it’s a story just for you and your spouse.

I probably could go on for a while longer but really these three are the most important and at times it’s hard work just getting these three lessons down. Just remember marriage is work. It doesn’t have to be crawling on your hands and knees, grueling work but it takes commitment from two different people saying “Yep, let’s make this marriage a life long reality.”

As you ponder my great wisdom I thought I would let you all see one of views from our balcony at the hotel. So gorgeous!!!


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