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Going Deep

I’ve been a nurse for 13 years now, which means I’ve found some very creative and hilarious ways to injury my body over the years.

Of course, in the beginning you think that nothing is going to be a lasting injury but, we all know as the body ages, our injuries that we thought we had fully recovered from in our wild and crazy youth can come back to haunt us. Crazy, right???

Now remember, I can’t tell you that what I’ve found will cure you but, man, it sure does help me after a long day on my feet. It’s a called, Deep. A cream that DoTerra has that they make from their proprietary blend of deep blue. It’s magical!!! It goes on cold and within minutes turns warm and fuzzy and all my backaches are gone from the day.

I can sleep without an ache or pain all night long and wake up refreshed and ready for the day. It’s my new best friend especially after a hard workout and my legs are killing me! I apply this to my legs and I’m ready to take on a mountain.

Essential Oils may not save the world but they sure do save me now then. 😊 If you want to check it out I’ve added my link below. Have a great Friday!!

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