Give Me A Swig

October is a beautiful time of year in Bend. Leaves 🍁 are changing on trees, the air is crisp and clean (as long as the fires aren’t still raging) and everyone is wearing their fall colors.

It’s also the beginning of cold and influenza season. This year it’s even more of a whammy with COVID-19 running amok in the world. Now I’m not writing today about getting a flu shot. Get one or not that’s your choice, I want to Elderberry.

If you are close to my age than you grew up I a time when Vitamin C was all the rage and we were told to daily take our vitamins and “Make sure there is extra C in it!!!” Why? Because it helped boost your immune system and helped it battle those horrible viruses and bacteria’s that causes the colds and influenza.

Over time we have discovered that yes, vitamin c is good but Elderberry has 1000 times more potency than C and helps your immune system even better!!! It’s not going to cure cancer but it can give those weakened immune systems the kick they need to battle unwanted bugs.

There are a few more added goodies in with this Immunity tablet such as Maitake mushrooms, Vitamin A & C, Calcium and Fiber. This tablet is loaded. When ever I feel like I’m catching a cold or I know that we are headed into Thai wonderful season of bad juju I start taking Immunity to boost up my body and thankfully I’ve been able to ward off a lot of what my family has fallen victim to.

Hallelujah I found something that works!!!

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