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Flip The Switch

We all have our tipping points. That moment when we can’t live as we have been living or continue working where we are working. We all hit that point and need to change or we will burst.

January of this year was my tipping point. The day before my 41st birthday, I walked into a gym and signed up. I was tired of my laziness and excuses. I needed a change and I knew it.

Yes, I’m doing it for me but I’m also doing it for my kids. I’m not doing this to be thinner but to be healthier and to be here for many more years with my kids. I know there are no guarantees but eating healthier and losing the excess weight is going to help.

I still use the ItWorks Keto Coffee in conjunction with all this. It helps keep the appetite down and my metabolism moving and I’m losing weight and gaining muscle. I’m heading in the right direction slowly but surely.

This statement below in the picture sums it all up for me.

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