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Shout It From The Mountains

Everyday, all over the world, peoples lives are changing. It’s choices they make or a loss of a loved one or maybe they are gaining a family member. Our lives are always in motion and one thing that we are always looking for is connections.

We might not always understand that is what we are seeking but it’s there. People have a desire to make connections to be SEEN and UNDERSTOOD. Even if it’s just by one person that can make all the difference.

Each and everyone one of you can make that one difference in somebody else’s life by sharing YOUR story. Your life is unique to you but it can still change the life of someone else.

How many times have you heard someone’s life story and went, “Wow, that has inspired me.”

I’ve meet so many people through the years who were on a downhill spiral and it was someone’s story that was shared that changed their life! You might think your story is nothing special but to someone else it’s the lifeline they need to change everything.

So if fear has been holding you back, pray for courage to tell your story. You may never know but some where your story has changed a life.

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