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Everyday Mess

Monday’s in our office are always a special day of chaos. Prescriptions needing to be filled, patients calling from things that happened over the weekend and just gearing up for a week of giving shots, unexpected reactions and again more chaos.

Yesterday, though was a special day of dog poo piled on top of more poo. It had been an emotional weekend for my co-worker, I for whatever reason was already emotional and then you add in our occasionally hot tempered, who never stops to think before he speaks doctor and, of course, he opened fire yesterday.

It wasn’t directed at either of us personally and I get it was all out of patient care and wanting what was best for the patient but oh man there was a moment that my hand tingled so bad because I wanted to box his ears from being such an ungrateful jerk!!!!

I had to remind myself over and over that I am good at my job and this was only a blip on the day and I would survive. It’s also helpful that my coworker is so much more pragmatic and just shrugs her shoulders and let’s it go. (I wish I could do that!)

Thankfully, when the day was over I was able to come home to three beautiful little girls, all of whom run to me and give big squishy hugs, telling me “Mommy we love you” with my husband not far behind to say he loves me too. That right there was enough to start wiping away all my anger and putting right the day.

Hopefully, today will be a much better day. 😊

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