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My Word

Last week I blogged about choosing a word for the year. A word that could bring meaning to this year during the good and bad times. I thought it would be a little harder for me to find my word sense I tend to really complicate things but amazingly it came to me pretty easy.

My word is Chosen.

You see most of my life I’ve struggled with feeling left out. My family was always wonderful and I had a small group of friends that were awesome but I always felt like I was overlooked and never enough for the “right people”. To this day there are still haunting memories of those people and it’s just ridiculous because they no longer matter in my life.

So taking a step back and looking on my life I realized I’ve been Chosen by God to be his child. He chose a purpose for me as a nurse. I was Chosen as an Allergy nurse (my best job ever). I was Chosen to be my children’s mother. It’s no accident they are mine. My husband Chose to ask me to marry him. I’ve been so blessed that this list could go on for awhile.

So if you are still struggling to find your word maybe this little blog will help.

Oh! Did I mention it’s my 41st birthday 🎂 today?! This year is going to be awesome 😎!

Have a great Wednesday!

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