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Find Your Word

As we head into the second week of this new year I have a feeling some of those New Years Resolutions might have already crashed and burned. If they haven’t, yay!!! If you didn’t even set a resolution even better.

Why would I say that? Well, let’s face it. Resolutions have a way of turning out to be sour little pills once we give up one them and since 90% of resolutions end up in failure that’s pretty sour pills every year.

So this year instead of setting another resolution I choose a word. A word that held meaning and that would carry me through the ups and downs of this year.

If you look back over the last few years a word would probably stick out to you as well for each year. So this year find a word ( preferably a positive one) that you can look at or reference too.

It’s amazing how just one positive word can change your whole perspective on a day. So let’s try and give this year the best leg up we can and find a word that will change your year!

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