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Dance Mom?

The twins have been involved in a hip hop class once a week after school and this weekend is the performance. Yesterday, as we ran around trying to get to the dress rehearsal I remembered quite vividly why I’m a horrible dance mother.

This role takes a lot of time and practice and I’m more a fly by the seat of my pants person. Dance moms have everything all lined up and ready to go the day before (even if they don’t nothing shows on the outside). Me? I’m literally sweating to death by the time we get to the rehearsal and still have to do more to make the girls “rehearsal ready”. I walk in the door of the school and mothers look at me with a sideways glance like “what tornado did you come out of?”

Thankfully, nobody asked that question because it would have gotten a saucy reply that might have started a war. Also, I’m glad my girls are hip hop. It seems more laid back than ballet. Lol!!!

We did make it through the rehearsal with only a few tears from Bethany who felt slightly left out, until she realized she’d have to dance in front of people, and now on to the big Recital tonight!!!

Both girls had a blast and feel confident that this will be a BIG Success. Fingers crossed that I don’t forget anything!!!

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