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Take Time

Over the last few days as I’ve looked and laughed at the memes, pictures and posts that have spiraled in the aftermath of Senator Walsh’s comments.

I remember being on the floor. Ignoring my bladder to the point of explosion because I had to take care of my patients needs first. I remember not getting my lunch until 4 am because we were too busy or because a patient coded and we covered the other patients while that nurse was occupied. We as nurses always put out patients first and put ourselves last and if there is one thing that we need to do as individuals we need to find a way to take care of us.

Take the time to pamper ourselves whatever it is. Be it a massage, walk in the park, a long nap or just reading a book. Find some way to pamper you. To take care of you so that you, as a person, are rested, restored and ready to go back to work for your shifts. Don’t wait for the vacation days to find the time, do it now!!! Now may be the best and only time.

Have a great night. 😊

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