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Lifting Up?

So on this international women’s day I was reminded that women have the power to do so much good in this day and age. Yes, there is still work to be done but we have more of a voice and platform than we ever have before and we need to take the spotlight and use it well. 

Part of this is to remember that we all walk a different path from each other. We have different skills, likes, dislikes (I’m pretty sure you are all nodding your heads going , duh) but obviously this still needs to be stated when women are still tearing each other down. I had multiple conversations today with women that were less than kind and considerate. I get that we all have bad days but when you are belittling peoples jobs and choices that is not you having a bad day; that is just being a jerk. 

Ladies!!! We do not need to lower ourselves and be petty. What good is having a day to celebrate us if we can’t find ways to be considerate to other women who aren’t like us? 

So please tomorrow let’s try this again just without the title. 

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