So I’m wading out into complete unknown territory for me and it’s a little unnerving. I’m all about taking risks but it has to be calculated and thought over 59 billion times before I take that step.

This time around I did not take the 59 billion thoughts to take the step and just took the leap and now my heart is racing and my stomach is in a knot and at times I want to puke!!! Great visuals, right? Not fun!!!! No, I did not invest our entire life savings in some scheme (my husband is sighing relief right now) but I took a plunge on some products and now I have to sell them.

I myself like the products. I tried all the samples I received and found them to be tasty (well the ones your supposed to eat anyway) and the beauty products did not hurt my skin (I have super sensitive skin!) and all in all I think the products are good stuff but now I have to sell them! I’m a horrible sales person. I’m not pushy, I’m not aggressive and I just don’t know the right stuff to say when put on the spot. Ugh!!!

So here I am trying to think of ways to be creative and not pushy. Crossing my fingers I’m not a complete and total loser at this. 🙄

Image belongs to ItWorks not me!!

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