Resolutions Be Gone!!!!

I purposely waited a little past the new year to post this. Resolutions are a good thing but it seems no matter how good intentioned they are by week 3 or month 2 something can happen to derail that resolution train and people give up.

Last year I made a resolution to lose weight. Not a bad thing and I did in fact lose 35 lbs. Fantastic!!!! However, the maintenance to keep it off has been entertaining and well let’s not go there. Anyway, this year instead of resolutions or goals I decided to get out of my comfort zone. I call it intentional living.

Let me expand on this. I will not put myself in harms way but I will stretch myself. Each month I will intentionally change a bad habit. Be it for exercise, changing eating habits, meeting new people at church or work or even just getting my buns out the door on the weekend. Something that will cause a good change.

For the month of January my intention is to get out of my house on every Saturday. I have a habit of staying in and being lazy but Bend has a lot to offer on the weekend especially on Saturdays for the kids and adults! It doesn’t have to be long but it does need to happen. So far so good.

So what do you think? Intentional living rather than resolutions? Have a great night all!!!

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