Boo Boo

Oh My Kayla, sweet little Kayla. She was the “baby b” of my twins. 6 years old and this girl has already racked up quite the resume of nicknames. Tigger, boo boo, smarty pants, wisbang, etc….

Kayla is definitely my teenager in the making. She sighs, rolls her eyes and cries with the best of them but she sure does sparkle!!! She is quick witted and has a heart of gold. She drops everything to help her sisters when they are hurting and she is the first one in my lap in the morning.

School comes easy to this child and she loves to help her sisters learn. I fully expect this kid to run for president some day as she loves to be boss! Lol 😂

I’m so proud of all she does and I just wait expectantly for the next one liner to flow out of her!!

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