Spider Monkey

What can be said of Reagan? She is the oldest of my twins by 18 minutes. Her nicknames say some of it. Lil miss, tiny, hugs a lot and of course the title, spider monkey.

She is our lover. Reagan gives hugs and kisses freely to her family and is always ready to give more when asked. She is not much of a talker. Some due to a speech delay but mostly because she speaks through action. She is also stubborn as all get and not afraid to tell you what she thinks. For example, the twins were a month early and Reagan spent 18 hours in the NICU. The first several hours she had oxygen on, until she ripped it off!!!!

Yep, that’s Reagan. She is strong willed. Heaven help you if you get in your way because she may be small but she will find a way around you. I love watching you grow my lil miss!!! Don’t you dare change. ☺️

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