Early Morning Rambles

When you’re awake at 2 am with one of your littles your thoughts can be a little muddled and your mind wanders.

Christmas List: Chanda – done, Mariyah- done,

“I remembered to the lock the car when I got home right?” (In the background I hear aliens used an iPhone to contact their mothership)

Dad- done, Chris – done, mom- almost, Kayla –

“You know these pictures on the walls can be rearranged to make a lot more room for more. Why didn’t I notice that before?” (We can make a mummified concoction)

OMG I’m not even half way done with Christmas shopping!!! (Let’s put lemonade in this barrel for the watermelon)

“Where did I put that new curtain for the shower?” (Going to need some sun lotion in space)

Oh dear I could seriously be going nuts if my children don’t get their tummies sorted out soon. I really hate flu season. 😷

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