Monday Dilemma

Mondays after a 4 day weekend are the hardest. You’ve had a brief mini vacay that has given you room to relax and enjoy the family but not completely lose your sanity. 

So as you imagine going back to work you tear up (just a little) at the thought of leaving the kids as you dash off to work and them to school. The husband back to his daily work as well. Just before you get totally sentimental and call in sick for one more day of not bursting this beautiful bubble…….

You hear the kids coming down stairs already arguing over who gets to wear the “butterfly” jeans, which one has the longer hair (it’s the same length), and then they see you “MOM!!!! I’m hungry, what’s for breakfast?” 

Work……yep here I come!!!!! Sometimes it’s an oasis too. LOL! Have a great Monday!!!!!

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