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What Made You Choose?

Seems like a lifetime ago that I chose the career path of Nursing. I love people and making a difference in their lives in the most simplest ways. But not all people choose this career path because they love it. 

Some like for the money, some like for the insurance benefits and others because it can find them a doctor to marry. Also, we are seeing a disturbing trend of nurses leaving 1-2 years after leaving  nursing school because of burnout!! All that money spent and they leave the field they worked so hard to get into. I’m not kidding!!!

Now I’m not saying that most nurses are uncaring, far from it, and many stick it out for a long time but statistics don’t lie and the numbers are scary. So just as a statistical project for school what number of you joined to make a difference and be a nurse for more than just what you can gain? Also, why are you still sticking it out? 


3 thoughts on “What Made You Choose?

  1. Well I’m not a nurse but I have many friends who are. Most of them I don’t know there motives but two them I do. One was to make a difference and the other was to become a Mrs. Doctor.

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