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Let Me Sleep!

Several months ago after a bout with pneumonia I was diagnosed with Asthma. After years of dodging the chronic disease registry I had landed in one but apparently I wasn’t about to stop there. (I have a habit of going for broke)

I was doing great on the new inhaler! Able to exercise again without restrictions, I was sleeping good, life was great and then my body fell apart again. My breath would catch in my throat and deep breaths would be harder to come by almost like my asthma wasn’t under control but I was using my inhalers as I should, what the heck?

After seeing a pulmonologist he was positive I had sleep apnea. I took the home sleep test and sure enough I did. Even though I was correcting my asthma it wasn’t going to work until I controlled my sleep apnea.

To be honest, I was scared to wear a mask over my face but I’m more terrified at the thought of not waking up in the morning. Of missing out on my daughters growing up and graduating and getting married.

So yesterday I received my cpap and had my first full night of wearing a mask. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected and this morning for the first time in awhile, I woke up feeling like my lungs were a happy place again. So here is to the future and me looking like a fighter pilot as I sleep! Lol

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