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New Slogan!

Once again C.K. has taken over the internet now that Nike has signed a new deal with him. Why am I not writing out his name? I don’t think he deserves the recognition anymore. I don’t think he is/was a good player. I don’t think he started this movement to actually help blacks, browns or anybody else of color in social injustice. I think he did to make a name for himself and in doing so he has caused more division in the nation and more chaos.

If you are standing up for what you believe in, yes you are going to ruffle feathers. People are going to be mad and not want to listen but once you have made your initial shock and awe bomb shell you move forward with a new plan. Don’t just keep repeating the same old line and keep the chaos going. Which is the only thing C.K. and his friends (yes, his enemies have done it too) seem to know how to do.

Now I’ve seen the Nike ad and it’s really good. In my opinion there was plenty in it without even needing to feature C.K. but to each their own. It was well done. I don’t believe for one hot second that he sacrificed it all. He has been on Nikes’ payroll since 2011 and has not been dropped even after losing his spot on the football team. He has had plenty of support from people since being kicked to the curb and I’m pretty sure this man has not lost a meal in the last few years but what do I know.

It is however time for a new slogan to take the airwaves of the USA. You STAND for the flag, be UNITED against injustice and take a knee for CHRIST. 

American Flag Juxtaposed with Detail of  by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

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