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Furry Family

Animals are a mysterious part of human families. Some people say that their pets are pets. They play with them, feed them and love them but they are pets. Then there are those whose pets are their family. I fall into the latter category (actually at one point in my single parenthood I was almost a crazy cat lady). My pets have always been family and I will go to any length to make sure they are safe and protected. That being said I do think my animals can be a little on the bossy side.

As I mentioned previously, we have a cat. Her name is Lily and she’s a tortoise shell calico cat. I swear her attitude comes from her knowing that she’s quite beautiful. She flicks her tail and sashays around the place like she owns it. Her meows at times sound like “NOW” and MOM” depending on what she is standing in front of. She uses my side of the bed to sleep on during the day and heaven forbid if I disturb that. I have met the claw that she swings for that treachery. (Ouch!!!!)

My husband swears when he comes home at night Lily will demand to be petted and then yell at him until he is upstairs. “She watched me walk the whole up and then flicked her tail and stalked off.” (Sure, honey)

Except I really do believe him. She’s a butt. Of course, if I didn’t have her I’d be just slightly miserable as she does purr me to sleep at night. As soon as I lay down she’s on me curled up like a fluffy butterball with her motor just a purring away. I gotta admit I love it. So despite her ever demanding ways and one to many attempts to swat me when I move her from my side of the bed prematurely. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. My little pirate cat.  🙂

Oh and for those of you wondering when Kayla and I will be showing you are Nailed It! attempt it will be a few days. Apparently, I need to locate a few odds and ends for this that we do not possess. Rest assured she will not let me forget nor will her twin, Reagan,  who has decided it is quite unfair that Kayla gets to do one and not her. So now I get to do two! (Yay me)

Here’s Reagan’s pick….. I think I can do this…I HOPE


3 thoughts on “Furry Family

  1. My wife treats our animals like members of the family too. It was an adjustment for me when we got married. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way

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