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Nailed It!??

I love to bake. Not cook, bake. There is a difference. Cookies, cakes, pies, zucchini bread I am more than willing to take on and master. So when the new Netflix show Nailed It! came on I was hooked. Who wouldn’t want to watch a show about people trying to make a cake or cookies like a professional and not quite getting it right? It’s hilarious!!! Some of their fails have been pretty scary.

I would love to be on this show if I wasn’t a total chicken. (Hee hee) What I didn’t realize was one my adorable daughters, Kayla, loves it too. She has been just as obsessed with it and has been watching it to now that school is out. As a matter of fact we had a mini marathon earlier this morning.  Which is when I stuck my rather large foot in my mouth by telling Kayla that we should attempt to do something like this too. She was all over that!!!! “YES, MOM!!!! LET’S DO IT!!!!!” She shouted breaking ear drums and my heart, dashing any hopes of me getting out of this. She wanted to attempt this cake (OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!)


thankfully I talked her into this one. To be continued…….


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