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At Your Service

I realize that healthcare is a changing field and hospitals, clinics, urgent cares need to change with it or risk closing your doors but when did healthcare become a concierge business? I mean people are now scheduling appointments in URGENT CARE to be seen for sore throats, eye pain, arm pain, breathing issues, etc….

Seriously, Urgent Care has now become a Primary Care office? Secondly, you can schedule an appointment for a breathing concerns? I seriously hope an RN triaged that phone call prior to the appointment being made.  Are people so far gone in this society now that they don’t realize that medical care can’t always be done in their time frame? I get the arm pain. Maybe your kid fell down in the playground and you live a ways off and it’ll take you two hours to get here. Then I can see securing the spot for your arrival. The UCC can then plan for when you get there and make sure the X-Ray tech is ready just in case it’s broken. That makes sense but if your scheduling this UCC visit for your abdominal pain that’s been an issue for days and turns out to really be chest pain and now we need to call 911 to get to the ED stat. That’s a problem. 

Life is busy I get that but there are times life stands still. Medical problems should not just be a bug that you flick at and they go away. Sometimes they need more attention and the patients need to be responsible!!!!! We need to stop coddling patients. You schedule appointments for PCP’s not Urgent Care. It’s not fun to sit and wait in UCC when you have stuff to do but sometimes that’s what you have to do. Get over yourself, sit down and wait your turn.You will receive excellent care and then be on your way hopefully to a full recovery and back to your busy life.

I could continue this rant for awhile but it would be long and lead into many more areas of healthcare. What are your thoughts? In favor of appointments in UCC? See the upsides/downsides? I want to hear! 🙂



3 thoughts on “At Your Service

  1. As an Emergency room nurse I get it. All these UCC crap popping up as concierge units. Someone is going to die because they said it was fine for him/her to wait.

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