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Who To Trust?

The news now days is getting to the point when you read the articles you need a degree in B___S___ to read between the lines to get the real story. Facts are twisted to fit the agenda, photos are cropped to look a certain way, clips are edited to make the person say just the right quote….and the list continues.

When did news become all about the ratings and no longer about reporting the actual news? I no longer trust any one news outlet. If there are any major breaking stories I will compare the articles from all the major news sites and maybe a few smaller ones before I settle on what the real facts are with the situation. And let me tell you there are some big differences between the reports. But unless you take the time to look at all the news outlets and compare you miss it. Let’s face it, majority of the American public is too busy to do that and they are going to take an article at face value from their trusted paper or news outlet and run with it. They end up posting on Facebook or Twitter how upset they are about what they just read and their facts are wrong. They cause an uproar and it’s not completely accurate. Fact checking is huge!!!!!!!

As much as I hate hearing about it there is also such a thing as Fake news (which are so politically motivated). People who actually go out of their way to post lies and misinformation to confusion and cause harm to the American public. Once again people don’t spend the time to check (I’ve been this person before) and post it and continue to perpetuate a lie. It’s frustrating!!!! We need more honest people in journalism, on the internet and frankly I don’t care if your Republican, Democrat or Independent there is no reason that we cannot work together and make the laws of this country better for everyone. STOP trying to destroy one another and just work together!!!!! 

3 thoughts on “Who To Trust?

  1. Thank you!!!!! Our politicians need to stop fighting and start working together. Our nation is falling apart because of their crap!!!

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