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Make me Smile

Nurses, Doctors, EMT’s, we all see a lot and due to this I’m fairly certain most of us develop sick senses of humor to deal with all we deal with. At times though we see things that are just downright hilarious and make our days brighter and we love those patients even if they never know about it. Below are some of my favorites:

It had been a pretty boring shift so far and three of us nurses were sitting at our COWS (computers on wheels) just chatting when we hear “Yeeeee, EEEEEEEE” We all jumped up and ran to this older dementia patients room and asked if he was okay. “Oh I’m just chasing those Indians!” Later he moved on to chasing bank robbers! 🙂

The next night I’m pushing a medication on my patient and she all of sudden jumped and said ” Whoa, did you just see that 747 go right through the window!!” Nope gotta say I missed that one. LOL

I had walked a gentleman a few feet when he had to run back to his room and use the  restroom and next thing I know he comes out to the hall holding his Telemetry Unit, waving at passing families buck naked!!!! “Where is your gown?!!” “Fell in the toilet” LOL

I had a young girl come in for a labor check and sure enough she was in labor and when I checked her a solid 5 centimeters. She looked at me and said “Well, what’s next?” I looked at her and her boyfriend looked at her and I said “Well ,we wait for you to get to 10 centimeters.” She turned about 10 shades of red , “Oh I thought it was only 5.” Her boyfriend smacked his head and sighed trying not to laugh.

Another labor check came in screaming and writhing in pain. She was about 4 weeks early and we got her into bed and calmed down. We got her some water to sip and got her timeline on how long and in between contractions and it was sounding legit. Once she was finally comfortable I checked her cervix, COMPLETELY CLOSED!!!! She stood right up, “Damn it was worth a try” and walked right out the door.

Just the other day in allergy I was going through a patients medication list and I asked if he was taking Flonase nasal spray. “Well, I’m not quite sure.” “Do you ever stick something up your nose and spray it?” “Oh, no.” “Pretty sure you’re not taking it.” LOL

We use marker to plot out spots on our patients backs prior to pricking them and this one kiddo who had not listened when I told his mom this said “OW!!!” I leaned over “It’s just the marker.” “Oh well tell me when it’s the picks so I can say ow.” 🙂

We had a little boy who reacted to a food and needed some extra time in office. I had given him some Prednisolone and told his parents it could make him a little jittery and the little boy piped up, “Not a problem!” His parents and I busted up!!!





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