Home Is The Place You….

Okay I’m a little late to the work from home game but now that I am working from home I get the perks.

You can wait to take the shower until mid afternoon (I don’t but I see where that can be appealing). You can get up and move around the house and do chores while waiting for the next meeting to start (I don’t but maybe some day). I also see how a mid afternoon siesta would be nice. (No comment)

On the flip side, I can see how day after day looking at the same four walls and seeing your spouse doing the same old thing might make you want to lash out irrationally. Too harsh? Maybe not harsh enough? Depends on who you are talking too these days.

Which ever side you fall on home is just an interesting place to work from. Some have made it the most comfortable work environment that they probably will never be back to the office. Others are wishing for the day that their work places say, “Come on in!!!”

Which ever side you land on, I have sympathy for both sides. I love my home and enjoy being here but I also enjoy seeing the people I work with. I wish us all strength and god speed for the days ahead.

One thought on “Home Is The Place You….

  1. I’m enjoying the perks of both and I am not looking forward to going back 5 days but I also don’t want to go back to last year March – July when I was wfh full time….. Lol that was not fun!

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