Pick A Word Already!!

Some of you might recall, that the last 2 years I have been picking a word for the year. Last year was Chosen and boy did the meaning of that word change for me throughout the year.

This year though, I have had the worst time picking a word. Usually I can sit down, read my bible and have a a little quiet time and BOOM! I have it. Not this year! I have sat down at least half a dozen to try and get my word and nothing, nada, forgetaboutit!!!!

Then today as I’m sitting at my desk, in my new office (yay!), my word came to me. After looking up at the sky and mumbling “about bloody time” to myself, I wondered how I could have missed it.


This whole year has started off as nothing I could imagine. My life has already taken some unbelievable and incredible turns (for the better) and I just can’t help but be excited for the rest of the year. Yes, we do have some COVID hurdles to still jump over but honestly, if look back to one year ago did any of you think we would be where we are now? I know I didn’t.

We are finally seeing positive shifts in COVID. More and more people are getting vaccinated and thankfully, the numbers are steadily decreasing. Schools are opening up to ALL students in our state and the list goes on. By this summer we might be able to take our masks off and enjoy the outdoors without fearing our neighbors germs. Imagine That!!!

I know, totally cheesy, but that is so my sense of humor. Have a great rest of your day everyone!!!

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