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Jumping Jack Flash, Lyra Style

We have a lady across the street that feeds peanuts to the squirrels and birds. Lyra, being the attack cat that she is, always on the alert when she sees the wild life start to gather.

Not like she does anything (being an indoor cat) but she sure does talk a lot of trash. About a month ago one of these squirrels ventured onto our porch with its peanuts. Instead of just talking her usual trash, Lyra smacked the sliding door window with her whole body and that squirrel thought it had been shot!

It jumped 3 feet in the air, dropped its peanut, screeched for affect and took off for parts unknown. Lyra spent the next week stalking the back porch sliding door just waiting for that squirrel to come back. Not surprisingly, we never did see the squirrel come back, but we did get a few birds snooping around at the peanut.

So, of course, I had to buy peanuts 🥜 and keep those birds coming back. Lyra now has a constant stream of entertainment and we keep waiting for the time that a squirrel might come too close and Lyra will decide to entertain us again! Oh what we do for fun in this house.

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