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Did I Do That?

I’m not one to throw myself under the proverbial bus but there are times I wonder about myself. I know that I’m not the smartest woman in the world but I usually pay attention to details. It’s what saves my butt on any given day.

So yesterday, when I so badly needed my attention to detail I seemed to have lost it. Actually, it was pretty darn hilarious but so embarrassing 🙈 too.

We have this messaging app at work called Teams. It’s really nice to send messages back and forth to your coworkers and doctors when you are in different areas. We have found that you can also send GIFs and MEMES. I may have mentioned before that I’m not as quick witted as my coworkers. I have more of a dry sense of humor but usually I can keep up on the GIFS and MEMES.

However, I sent a GIF yesterday in response to the one our doctor sent sent out. Keep in mind that everyone in the allergy office is on this group messaging, TOGETHER, and my GIF had Chris Farley in it. Wouldn’t have been so bad except I didn’t watch the whole thing before I sent it and after I sent it I did. OMG!!! Let’s just say, it’s a typical Inappropriate Chris Farley moment.

I looked over at my coworker and said, “oh I really should have watched that all the way before I sent it.” She watched it and the peals of laughter that came out of her were so loud and went on so long, half the other departments came to find out all the fun. To say that I was red in the face would be an understatement. Don’t get me wrong I was laughing too. Mostly at my coworker laughing so hard at me but oh man it’ll take a long time to live this down.

But this taught me a very good lesson. Look at those stupid GIFs all the way before you send them!!!! 😬

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