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Risk & Benefit

As the world has heard we are receiving the first of what will be billions of doses of vaccines, for COVID-19.

Which, of course, is now heating up some hot debates in this country. We have the “anti-vaxxers” in one corner, politicians in another and then we have health care workers.

Now, as a nurse, I’ve been trained to look at evidenced based science. If you look at the research and the data, vaccines work and the science behind these new COVID-19 vaccines is pretty amazing stuff. It’s new science and that’s why it’s 94-95% effective. However, you can only tell people so much and really if they’ve already made up their minds they won’t listen.

Okay, so listen to the other side. Get the virus instead. Have only mild symptoms, do your quarantine at home and go back to work. Life goes as normal right? Not so much. Research is showing that even mild sufferers of COVID-19 are showing signs of mental fog, decreased heart function, Epstein-Barr Virus, decreased lung function and the list continues and it’s permanent!!

True story. I have a patient that had only mild symptoms of the virus. After his quarantine at home he called our office and we discussed his allergy/asthma treatment and a few other questions he had. They very next week he called back to the office with the very same questions that we had already discussed and when I reminded him that we had discussed in detail the week before what he was asking about, he had no memory of it. Everyone, he is only in his 30’s!!!!

I’m not telling you this to scare you but to remind you that there is always a flip side to doing nothing. Research and I mean, beyond Dr. google (🙄🙄) is key.

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