Big Wig

Today we had a visit from our CMO at work. It’s the first time he has visited our site from across the country and people were making sure to have everything tidy.

It always cracks me up when this happens. We always make our spaces tidy and look pretty for people that we don’t know. Why can’t we show them the slobs we really are? My space, isn’t usually a disaster but it’s messier than it appeared today. Why? Because I’m busy and I have several things going at once. That’s not a bad thing. It’s a sign of a nurse that knows how to prioritize.

You move from one pile to the next and patient care is always in the middle (really it’s first but paperwork always feels first) and you just keep moving.

I digress however, our CMO finally showed up, with no fanfare, made his way quietly through the halls and said hi when people looked his way. For a big wig that everyone was nervous to see I liked that he humbly walked in and didn’t demand attention. He seemed quiet, polite and kind. How many people can say that about their CMO?

So even though I had to clean up my space a little more and put up some of my “junk” I’m happy that I work were I do. We have a great company and I love my people.

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