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Be Gone!!!

We are in the heat of summer here in Central Oregon and that means my dreaded mortal enemy is abounding…. spiders.

Now I know that there many DIY hacks out there for getting rid for theses horrible beasties but I love this one the best. You only need 3 things.

Water, a spray bottle and mint. Now I just reused a spray bottle and made sure to clearly mark it.. Spider killer!!!! (Too subtle?) Also I didn’t go buy a mint plant and boil some leaves to make the house smell pretty. I went a little easier route.

I bought both peppermint and spearmint from my DoTerra site and put at least 15 drops of each into the spray bottle full of water.

I spray down every window and our front door every couple of days and I make sure to apply a couple drops of the spearmint to each window track and clean with just the spearmint once a week. The house smells really good and spiders don’t feel the need to enter.

So in the words of every basketball commentator out there, “She shoots, she scores!!!!” Bye 👋 Bye spiders!!!

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