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Too Quiet

Last Sunday my parents took our three little girls over the hills and through the trees to their house. The girls were excited just about as much as Mike and I were to have a house to ourselves.

I kid you not, 30 minutes after our kids departed our house my husband looked over at me and said, “It’s way too quiet. You’re loud make some noise.”

After hitting him with a pillow and voicing my disagreement (loudly 🙄) with his assessment of me, yes I noticed the stupidity of my noise level, we had a good laugh and watched a movie. A loud one.

As the next day was Monday and time off from work is not on option now (thanks COVID-19) I escaped the quiet at home for work. My poor husband though. He found just about every project that we needed done in the house for a year to keep him occupied in between the naps. Lol

So needless to say when our girl’s returned home on Thursday we were thrilled. Don’t get me wrong. We enjoyed our time alone time very much, but we aren’t quite ready to be empty nesters yet. Mike was so happy to their sweet little faces he isn’t so sure they need another trip anytime soon. Lol

It just goes to show you that as much as our children can drive us crazy we would be lost without them too.

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