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Some people are blessed with a sense of humor that is quick and can make you laugh at the drop of a hat. I love those people and envy them too. That quick wit is so much fun, yes it can get you into so much trouble when you are younger, but it’s infectious and in so many ways can be uplifting if used the right way.

If you are a Facebook person and you know about stories, than you know you can share your own pictures there or memes or quotes. So everyday I look at Pinterest for ideas of posting and I see the humor for so many things. I can literally spend hours there (I don’t) but I could.

I’ve found lately that as this coronavirus has carried on that humor has become a need for me. I see so much pain, death and depression currently that laughter for me is a needed distraction and after every laughing spell I’m always uplifted for hours.

So in the spirit of paying it forward I have found some of my favorite memes and other funny pictures to share with you. Hope they make you laugh too!

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