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Never A Dull Day

Redmond days for us are ALWAYS busy. These patients know when we are here and they on top of it. They come in like clock work for their shots, usually in packs, some it their time, some don’t and then they leave.

Every time I’m in Redmond is always an adventure but yesterday will probably never be topped as a once in a lifetime “WTF can happen next?” adventure.

It started with a power outage at 10:20 am committed by my doctors patient!!! We spent the next hour and a half listening to our computers power packs screech every 5 minutes that they didn’t have power. I gave several shots in severely diminished light with one lady jumping when I hit an area in her arm that was sensitive. When she grumbled a little, I commented (under my breath after) she was lucky I didn’t give her a shot in her butt considering how bad the light was.

Once we finally had power, it was like the lord of chaos decided we needed to continue our day of battle and boy did it reign!!!

I had an anaphylactic reaction at 1:30 that was not completely unexpected but she needed 2 shots of epinephrine, prednisone, Benadryl, Allegra, a nebulizer and all the while I had 25 more shots all earlier than expected. I had a failed syringe, another reactor who mercifully did not react, our facilities guys moving furniture into our area during all this and oh yeah did I mention absolutely no charting was done during all this time? ( Living the dream!)

By the time 4:00 came when my 1:30 reaction finally left I felt like I had been run over by a truck!!! Thankfully, she was okay and so were all my other patients as well.

This will definitely be a day that combat pay would have been nice and I will never forget!

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